How Israel used to kill Palestinians without charge – a story from the 1940s

Israel was once the only country in the world to kill Palestinian civilians without charge.

And this happened almost every day.

This is the story of how the state of Israel killed Palestinians, including children.

As the story goes, in 1940, when the State of Israel was established, a young Palestinian named Ahmed Barak, 16, was arrested by the Israeli army.

The soldiers took him to the border town of Kiryat Arba.

They took him from there to the village of Silwan, where they shot him in the head and the stomach with a rifle butt.

They then dragged him back to his father, who was also arrested.

The father, a resident of Silwwan, had heard of the shooting and wanted to see his son alive.

The military arrested Barak’s mother, and they put her and her three children in a small shack.

There, they forced her to perform oral sex on one of them, who became pregnant.

The pregnant girl was raped by the soldiers, and when she became unable to bear children, she was buried alive.

At the age of five, she gave birth to a baby boy, named Amira.

The mother died of her injuries.

As she was being burned alive, she begged the soldiers to spare her, but they refused.

The soldier who had taken Amira died of his wounds after he was taken to hospital.

The boy was never identified.

It was then that the father, Abd al-Rahman Abu-Hossein, decided to kill his wife and son.

He had already killed three other family members and two of his children.

He was captured, sentenced to death and then hanged from the ceiling of his home.

The following year, a few days after the execution of the first of his three children, Abd el-Rahim was arrested.

His wife, a friend of the family, and three other relatives of his family were also taken and put into a shack.

The woman was pregnant and gave birth and gave the baby a healthy, healthy baby boy.

Abd al -Rahim became the second man to be hanged for killing his wife.

The third was the only one to be executed.

He committed suicide.

The story is not new.

But the first time it happened to the Palestinian people was in the 1940’s.

This time, the Israeli military had an excuse: an attack on a group of Palestinian youths.

The Israeli army said it was responding to a threat by the Palestinian youth group, Tanzim al-Qassam Brigades, or Tanzim.

The attack was carried out by soldiers from the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) against the Palestinian group.

The IDF was worried that Tanzim was planning to attack the Jewish settlement of Gilad, where the settler group was based.

The plan had been foiled.

The three young men, Abd, Mohammed and Muhammad al-Mabhouh, were then taken to a military prison and put in a wooden cell in the yard.

There they were held for four days.

After that, they were tortured by the army and subjected to harsh beatings.

One of them was thrown into the river.

They were taken to the cemetery, where he was hanged from a tree.

The body of Abd al Rabban, a 19-year-old Palestinian, was brought to the grave of the father and son, and was thrown in the same spot.

It is not clear what happened to them afterwards.

This story is the second time in less than three years that the state killed Palestinians without any charge, and this time it took place in the Palestinian village of Qalqiliya.

Qal-Qal-Yal, located in the southern part of the West Bank, is about 20 kilometres north of Jerusalem.

It lies in a village with a population of just around 6,000 people, according to the Israeli Civil Administration.

The village, which was inhabited by Jews before the establishment of Israel, was captured by the Israelis in the late 1960s and its inhabitants, including the three teenagers, were imprisoned there for a period of years.

The two other Palestinian prisoners who were brought to QalQal in the 1960s were Omar al-Jabari and Ahmed al-Zayd.

They had been members of the Tanzim organization, which had been outlawed in Israel in 1969.

They belonged to the Kfar Qumran (Jewish Resistance) group and had been killed by the military in 1976.

The Palestinian prisoners were taken into the army’s custody in 1984.

In 1987, they took the opportunity to escape from the army.

They decided to return to Qalaqiliyya, a town with a Jewish population of around 3,000, where a group called the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades had its headquarters.

Al-Zaid and the other prisoners decided to flee to Qalyan, an Israeli settlement near Qal Qal.

They managed to reach Qalya, but were stopped at the


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