In the world of Hollywood, star power can be a powerful force.

It’s how stars get hired, which film festivals invite them, and even the way that stars can make money from their films.

But for the women behind some of the biggest stars on the planet, the power of the spotlight is often just a bit too much.

Here are seven stories of women who have been hit by the spotlight for a while, and their tales of self-destruction and personal triumph.


Scarlett Johansson: In 2010, a lawsuit was filed against Johansson, alleging that she made a $5 million profit off of the sale of a car she owned in her home state of California.

Her lawyers claimed that the sale was for a Porsche, and that the car belonged to a “professional car dealer.”

The lawsuit was dismissed after the California court ruled that the deal violated the law.


Angelina Jolie: Jolie made a fortune selling tickets for her first film, The Hunting Ground, when she was 20.

In 2015, she said she was paid about $40,000 a day for the use of her likeness.


Amy Adams: In 2011, Adams filed a lawsuit against a company called LACMA, alleging the company sold her likeness to the company for $10,000.

She claimed that she was only paid for using her likeness and that her image was “a marketing opportunity for a third party, not a real business transaction.”

The suit was dismissed in 2015.


Charlize Theron: In 2008, Theron sued the company she worked for, which included director George Miller, for $5.5 million for allegedly using her image in a marketing campaign that violated the company’s intellectual property.

The lawsuit eventually went to court.


Angelica Jolie’s daughter Angelina: In 2012, Jolie was in a relationship with James Deen and, according to court documents, “made sexual advances toward her mother and suggested that she had the best sex in the world.”

The relationship was officially broken in August 2016.


Amy Schumer: In 2007, Schumer sued her former co-star, Judd Apatow, for sexual harassment.

The suit alleged that ApatOW had pushed her to have sex with him, but that she would not because he was “scared of her.”

Schumer eventually filed for divorce.


Meryl Streep: Streep filed for bankruptcy in 2005, after allegations surfaced that she’d made $2 million off of her starring role in The Color Purple.

She was ordered to pay back $1.6 million she made off of it.

She paid back her $300,000 settlement after the film was released in 2010.


Jennifer Aniston: In 2016, Aniston was in the news for being accused of rape by actress Natasha Richardson.

Aniston denied the accusations and filed for an injunction against Richardson’s husband, Matt Damon.

She later filed for a divorce from Damon, but the suit was thrown out by the Florida Supreme Court.


Lena Dunham: In 2014, the actress accused her husband, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, of rape, claiming that she suffered multiple physical and emotional injuries as a result of his sexual assaults.

She filed for separation from Tarantino.


Mimi Rogers: In 2001, a judge ordered Rogers to pay $12.8 million to a former lover.

She sued for damages and the judge granted her request for $2.8 billion.


Olivia Wilde: In 2005, Wilde, who had starred in the TV show The Muppet Show, sued Warner Bros. for $3.5 billion after the studio allegedly failed to pay her a “reasonable and proper” salary.

She won the case in 2012.


Amy Sedaris: In 2009, Sedaris was in trouble after she said that her husband had raped her, saying that she felt betrayed after their marriage broke up.

She also alleged that her own husband had harassed her.


Scarlett Johannson: Johannson filed a defamation suit against her husband’s estate in 2010 after she accused him of “harassing” her and claiming that he had “made advances” towards her.

She ultimately won her case in 2014.


Amy Poehler: Poehler sued her ex-husband, Seth Meyers, in 2011 for sexual misconduct.

Meyers eventually settled the suit for $9.5 in 2014, but Poehler filed for protection for herself.


Lena Olin: In 2018, Olin filed for eviction from her Los Angeles apartment after a tenant called police.

She reportedly said she had been harassed by her ex in her previous apartment.


Olivia Munn: In 2000, Munn sued her husband for $30 million for “sexual battery and infliction of emotional distress.”

She also filed a civil lawsuit against Meyers for sexual assault.


Lena Horne: In 2015 Horne sued her friend, comedian Lena Dunham, for


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