I am an advocate for a mine on the edge of the arks.

It is not mine.

I am the diamond miner.

It’s not mine because I’m the one who gets paid to do it.

The mine is a private enterprise.

I work for a company that makes diamonds.

I’ve made a career out of it.

And now I’m trying to make my dream come true.

In the past, my father and I would work in a mine in our village.

Now I’m in a different mine, and the mine is mine.

In this mine, I am surrounded by the people I want to protect.

There are children, women, and men.

The work is hard and dangerous.

There is a lot of danger, and they’re very young.

It could happen to me.

But we are here.

We are here to protect the mine.

This is our home, and we are going to protect it.

It seems like it is a very easy choice to make.

You work with children, you have a difficult job, and you have to live with people you don’t know.

But I think it is the right choice.

There’s a difference between work and life.

The world doesn’t have the same laws.

We have to work for the mine, to protect our future and our future children, and to support our communities and our families.

That’s how we can live in harmony.

I have lived my whole life in harmony with my family, my community, and with my friends.

But the diamond mining industry is very different.

I want my daughter to have a normal life.

My daughter needs to have freedom.

She has to go to school, go to work, be a part of the community.

It has to be a healthy life.

I think I need to protect my daughter from that world.

But at the same time, I have to be able to protect mine.

The only thing I have in my control is mine, mine, my daughter.

I must protect mine, even though I’m working for mine.

And I can’t do that without my father.

My father was born in the mines, in the fields, in a village.

When I was a child, I used to tell my dad stories about the diamond mines.

But he had to be separated from me.

I used that time to make a decision.

I was going to leave my village and go to the mines.

I didn’t want to go back to the village.

I wanted to be with my father, with my brothers and my parents.

I don’t want my family to be in danger.

I will live with my parents, and I will be safe.

But my mother, my grandmother, my brothers, my sisters, my whole family.

If they are not safe, I can leave them.

I know my family is a family.

I can go back.

My family will live.

But they have to stay with me, with all of us.

When you’re working, you can’t leave anyone.

My mother and I were separated from my father for over 30 years.

We were separated because of the mine that is the mine I work at.

My brother was working there as well.

We worked for the mines as well as for other companies.

I got paid to mine diamonds.

My brothers and I worked for other miners, and for other mining companies.

When my father died, we got separated.

I had to go from my village to mine.

My parents are a very good family, and when I’m with them, they’re my family.

But if I don´t have to leave them, I won´t leave mine.

Mine, mine.

But mine is not my life.

Mine is not the world.

Mine doesn´t concern me.

Mine isn´t what I want.

Mine was created by humans.

Mine could happen at any time, and mine is very dangerous.

Mine will destroy the earth.

Mine won´ t help us.

Mine can’t make us happy.

Mine cannot make us safe.

Mine has a lot to offer.

Mine creates pollution.

Mine hurts our health.

Mine does nothing for us.

And mine will destroy us.

We need to fight to protect what we have.

That´s how I see mine.

It´s my job to protect and protect the diamond miners.

I´m a miner, too.

Mine keeps me alive.

Mine brings me pleasure.

Mine makes me happy.

It brings my children happiness.

Mine gives me a new life.

That is why I choose mine.

That makes me the one.

But it also makes me a target.

Mine causes pollution.

And it causes more pollution.

It creates pollution and it destroys life.

And when people get injured, it kills people.

It causes more deaths.

It kills more people.

I hope that mine will not destroy us, but at the very least, mine will save us.

The diamond mining company that has


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