Jakarta, Indonesia (AFP) – Buying a home is a long and difficult process.

It’s a lot like going to a wedding and the bride is wearing a white dress.

And the groom is wearing the same clothes as the bride.

It might seem simple, but buying a home isn’t, so let’s break it down.1.

You need a mortgage.2.

You’ll need a lot of money.3.

You’re likely to get an underwater mortgage.4.

Your income may be too low to pay off your loan.5.

Your home is too small to accommodate a family.6.

The house is a good investment for your savings.7.

The price will be high.8.

The interest rate will be too high.9.

The loan is unsecured.10.

The property is located in an area with high crime.11.

You have to pay a lot to live there.12.

There are no other properties in the area.13.

The rental income from your property is less than what you would expect from the cost of living.14.

You can’t buy a house without a mortgage because your income won’t be enough.15.

You don’t have enough money to pay down your mortgage.16.

Your bank is too big to keep your interest rate low.17.

You haven’t built enough equity in your home to cover the mortgage.18.

The mortgage company doesn’t have the capital to pay the interest rate.19.

The home is expensive because of your age and other factors.20.

You aren’t eligible for a loan extension.21.

You’ve been told the property is for sale.22.

You think your current home is worth more than the house.23.

You suspect the mortgage company is insolvent.24.

The company is too weak to keep up with rising property prices.25.

The agent has told you that you won’t get the mortgage extension because of the high interest rate, so you can’t qualify.26.

You know someone who could help you, but your credit score is low.27.

The housing agent is refusing to extend your loan because of a bad credit score.28.

You thought you could get an extension, but the agent is telling you you won`t qualify because of his bad credit.29.

You are a victim of mortgage fraud.30.

You`re a poor person who has a poor credit history.31.

You had a bad experience with a lender and are looking for help to get out of the mess you made.32.

You want to buy your first home.33.

You might be able to buy an existing home, but you need to build equity in it first.34.

The broker is denying you a loan because the lender has a bad history.35.

You�re looking for a mortgage that�s easy to get.36.

You see an ad for a home that you can buy.37.

The real estate agent told you she has no experience in this area, but she says she can give you a quick look at a house you can build on your own.38.

The seller has no interest in the property, but says he can sell it if you don�t like it.39.

The buyer has a good credit score and is willing to pay for the property.40.

The lender says the seller is a low income person who hasn�t done anything wrong.41.

The prospective home buyer has money to invest, so he can repay the loan.42.

You may need to work on getting a mortgage from a mortgage company.43.

The potential home buyer doesn�t have the financial skills to build a decent down payment.44.

The sale agent told the prospective home buyers he is unable to sell the property because he has too much debt.45.

The agents said they have a lot more information on the property than they do, but they can�t get the loan extension because the seller hasn�


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