If you want to get a fair price for your Australian wool, you can’t just walk into the market.

The Australian Wool Council (AWC) will set the price for each crop that is sold.

And it’s all on the basis of the quality of the crop.

There is a lot of information on the AWC website and a fair amount of information in the press.

It is very complicated.

So how can you tell the difference between the quality and the price of Australian wool?

There are two types of prices.

The first is based on the wool yield, or the amount of wool harvested.

It’s measured in kilos per hectare.

It includes the value of the wool, the price per kilogram, the profit margins and the labour cost.

A kilogram of wool yields a lot, but it also produces a lot less than a kilogram or a pound of cotton.

So if you look at a kilo of wool, that gives you a very low price per gram.

It tells you what you’re getting, but what it’s worth.

And if you go down to the dollar, the value is much higher.

But if you compare that to the value in the market, then you get a much higher price per square metre of wool.

And that tells you the value.

So the second type of price is based only on the cost of production.

The AWC defines the cost per unit of wool as the price at which a unit of yarn is harvested and produced.

This is the cost that you pay to the farmer for the yarn itself.

It also includes the labour costs involved in the process of harvesting, washing, curing and dyeing the wool.

This has to be paid for out of your pocket.

And the price also includes any costs incurred during transport, handling, packaging and selling.

A small price is a good price If you go to a farmer and you ask for the cost, you’re told the cost is usually around $1 per kilo, which means it’s probably cheaper to buy a kiloflood than a tonne of wool and sell it for $1.20 per tonne.

But it’s also a good value if you’re looking at a product that’s produced in a small amount of time.

The same thing applies to other commodities, such as timber and coal.

If you’re a small business, the prices can vary greatly.

It depends on the size of your business, how many people you employ, how much you produce and what kind of products you’re selling.

There are a lot more variables that need to be taken into account.

But there’s a few general rules that can help you to understand how the AWT price works.

First, it’s based on an average of the yield per hectaret of the product, which is based not only on what you get for the wool but also on how many tonnes of wool you produce per year.

So it’s the price you’re paying for the quantity of wool that’s being produced in that time.

If that’s $1 a kilomg, that’s the amount that you would be paying for one kilogram.

If it’s $4 a kilometre, that would be the amount you’d pay for one tonne, and so on.

And you can also calculate the profit margin for a particular type of crop based on your costs of production, labour costs and the value per unit.

If the yield of the particular crop is higher than the cost-per-gram price, then the profit-margin will be lower.

The profit margin is the difference in price per unit, which tells you how much the price is going to be less than the value, so the profit will be less, and the profit per unit is how much that price is lower than the profit.

But the profit isn’t the only factor.

The value of wool depends on several other factors, including whether it is a higher quality product than other wool.

So there are a few other factors to take into account as well.

In the case of wool produced in Queensland, for example, there are many farmers who will produce the best quality wool.

But this can also make it difficult to tell the price from the yield.

For example, a farmer in Western Australia might produce high-quality wool, but if it’s exported to China, it may not sell as well there because of the price differences.

This might also impact the price in New Zealand, where the high quality wool that the farmers produce in New England can be sold to other countries and therefore be more valuable in the long term.

But what if the price has been fixed at $1,000 a kilos a year?

Then the profit is much lower.

This means the value a kilogram of wool can sell for is lower.

And this can result in the farmer being able to buy more wool at the same price.

This could be the


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