Min-hums is the main road into King Solomon’s mines in the western province of Nambok, which is currently being reclaimed by the provincial government.

It’s a well-known location in the province for mining operations.

However, the mine is one of the least popular in the state.

The mine has been in the spotlight in recent months after a series of devastating floods caused by the El Nino weather phenomenon.

The flooding forced thousands of miners to leave the mine area and relocate to other parts of the province.

The floods are a major reason for the province’s decision to seek the help of a foreign company to reclaim the mine, which has been left in ruins for months.

Min-humes is a small, dusty-looking area.

It is located in Min-nam gummin, a remote part of the southern province of Jongno.

The mining community is made up of a few hundred families, mostly from the Min-gang clan.

A farmer with a small donkey and a small dog walks through the mine to visit a nearby field, which was heavily damaged by the floods.

As the donkey walks past, a small farmer approaches.

“Why is this mine closed?” he asks.

He looks at the donkey and says, “Why is there a mine here?”

The farmer says, “It’s mine, I don’t want it.”

A man in a blue T-shirt is standing next to the donkey.

“This mine is mine,” he says.

His voice cracks as he looks up at the huge black and white sign in the middle of the mine.

On the other side of the sign, a man in blue jeans and a green hoodie stands next to it.

Both men look at the sign.

They are asking why the mine was closed.

One of the men asks, “What’s mine?”

The other man responds,  “It’s a mine, but it’s closed.”

The man in the blue shirt says, “We need to get out of here.”

 The donkey stops the donkey, and the two men sit down to eat.

After a while, the man in red and a black hoodie stops them.

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen this sign in Minnam gummi, the only way I’ve seen it before is through the old newspapers from the past.

I ask the man who owns the mine if he wants to talk to me.

He says, “”Why don’t you tell me why the mines is closed?

“”The mine was abandoned by the government.

They left the mine closed because they wanted to be able to sell the land to foreigners.

“I tell him that I’m a mining journalist and that I was a reporter for The Lad, a news organization in Nambomb that covered mining in the country.

 “You’re not a mining reporter,” he replies.

Since then, I’ve been reporting on the mine’s collapse and how the government is trying to salvage it.

I’ve also been asking the people who are still in the mine about what happened.

There’s a long line of people waiting to go through the mines gate to get to their next destination.

Once through, they walk into a small clearing where a small field is set up for them.

The farmer sits on the grass and watches them go through.

When they come to the field, they see that a large amount of dirt has been piled up there.

Inside the field is a pile of dirt.

The farmers are standing in the dirt.

Two of the women from the village who are there to collect water say that the mine has fallen into disrepair.

The mine is full of garbage, they say.

Before the mine collapse, the village had been very prosperous.

They were earning a lot of money, selling their land to foreign buyers, and they were able to keep their homes, which were in the hills.

But now the government has closed the mine down, the people are struggling to survive.

Now, the government wants to take all of the mining jobs that were there.

The people have nowhere to go.

My cameraman and I go down to the mine and start filming as the people wait for us to leave.

Then, the cameraman starts filming as a group of men from the mine begins to push a cart to carry away the dirt, which they say was left over from mining operations in the past that have not been abandoned.

At the end of the footage, the group of miners and the men from their own mining operations walk out of the clearing and out of sight.

Many people have started to gather in the village, waiting to see what will happen next.

We have to leave now,” one of them says.

We will be able see the land,


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