On the streets of Naples, there’s a miner.

He’s an older man, wearing a grey t-shirt and khakis.

He picks up books from the bins.

He looks at the bins and says: “What’s mine?”

And the miner is a mine.

He doesn’t know anything about mines, but he knows that miners are the best workers.

He speaks Italian and speaks English, and is a miner for 20 years.

The man who has lived in Naples for 40 years is not an ordinary one.

A miner, he says, is a “hero” of mine.

For centuries, miners have been the backbone of the Italian economy.

It is a fact that Italy’s industrial heartland has more mining jobs than any other country.

But in recent years, the mines have also been at the centre of a scandal, as the government has come under fire for the way it has paid for the upkeep of the mines.

There is an argument for paying miners as much as possible, but the real cost is that they have to be careful with the quality of the work.

And it is a problem that has seen the number of miners in Italy drop.

According to a study by the Italian Mining Association, about 5,000 workers died on the mines between 2001 and 2010, the period of the government’s “coalition of the willing”.

Some 60 per cent of miners are over 40 years old.

There are also concerns about the impact of the mining industry on the environment.

Many people who work in mines are not well-paid, and their jobs often involve dangerous work.

In 2011, the Italian government announced a new law which, among other things, will ban companies from using mining-related technologies to mine or extract resources.

But as a miner, I’m not worried about the mine workers and I’m worried about my job.

I have always loved mining, and I want to make a living from it.

I have never done any hazardous work.

I’m a miner who’s had to put a lot of work into getting myself and my children through school, and now that I have been doing that for 40, I can’t find a job that doesn’t require me to be an expert in the mine and mine management.

It’s a different world from mine, says Luigi Gaudiano, a miner from Bologna, who was recently laid off from his job at the mines, which are part of the Sardinia mining region.

I think we have to fight the corruption in this country.

We have to get out of this world of corruption, and we have this government that is corrupt.

We’ve had a lot in recent times, but it’s a very hard time for people in mine and the mines of Sardinia, Gaudial said.

And the miners are not alone.

The country’s mines are also plagued by high unemployment.

The government has promised to improve the mining sector by giving more jobs to the young and promising better pay.

But this is unlikely to stop the industry from becoming a source of pain for the local population.

The mines are often a dumping ground for rubbish, and a recent survey found that around 40 per cent were in poor condition.

“There are always accidents, but you can’t go back to the same place,” Luigi Gatti, the president of the Chamber of Mines and Minerals, said.

“The environment is very important here.

But we are very concerned about the mines being contaminated, and that could have serious consequences for the whole country.”


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