How to tell a fake news story in Twitter.1.

Tell it like it is.2.

Don’t use hyperbole.3.

Keep your timeline clean and organized.4.

Don and don’t ask questions.5.

Don ‘t assume your target audience is all white men.6.

Use hashtags and social media buzzwords to drive traffic to your article.7.

Don t use Twitter as a venue to advertise your company.8.

Don’ t use the Twitter API.9.

Dont use your own profile photo as a cover photo.10.

Use the Google+ button in your profile picture to mark your tweets as private.11.

Don \’t use any fake images.12.

Don\’t use hashtags that include keywords.13.

Don, t use your personal information for your own profit.14.

Don”t use fake accounts or accounts associated with your company for your personal gain.15.

Don don’t use your profile photo or personal information in a way that could be mistaken for your company name.16.

Don’, t post a picture of your child on social media without their permission.17.

DonDon’t use photos of your cat or dog.18.

Don use a photo of yourself without your permission.19.

Don be sure to tell your followers what is going on in your feed.20.

Don ”t use a picture from your own account to sell anything or for your marketing efforts.21.

Don go in-depth about your product or service.22.

Don leave comments on your posts.23.

Don do a good job of making sure that your posts are relevant to the topic at hand.24.

DonT use memes or images of celebrities that are often used by trolls and other users.25.

Don give out your real email address so that others can reach you.26.

Don share your business email address with your followers, including any that are on Twitter.27.

Don make sure that the account you follow has been verified.28.

Don have a clear and consistent strategy for marketing on Twitter, which includes the type of content and how to market it.29.

Don put a big emphasis on getting your followers to buy from you.30.

Don let your followers know when youre going on vacation, so that they can take advantage of the opportunity.31.

Don include your business address in your tweets so that you don”t just appear on other people”s timelines.32.

Don offer coupons to get people to sign up for your service.33.

Don ask your followers for their support in the fight against climate change.34.

Don keep up with current events and issues by following events on Twitter or by reading your favorite news websites.35.

Don post your own personal videos and photos on your channel.36.

Don provide your own photo and video to showcase your work.37.

Don tell stories that don” t come from your website or from your blog.38.

Don send out your own press releases in the hope that your readers will purchase from you directly.39.

Don only use the official Twitter account of a company that is licensed by the Federal Trade Commission or a state government agency.40.

Don limit your posts to specific topics and provide links to specific websites.41.

Don avoid linking to other people’ sites, including the ones of your competitors.42.

Don link to your own site on social networks and social networks, and only use your official account on your official social networks.43.

Don ignore links to third-party sites or blogs, such as Twitter and Facebook, when posting on those sites.44.

Don ensure that you are the one posting on any social media platforms that you interact with, such the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ accounts.45.

Don create and promote a platform for your business to advertise or distribute products or services, and don”T share your personal photos or videos on those platforms.46.

Don restrict the number of people you can advertise on Twitter and other social media.47.

Don take the time to learn about your competition”s platforms and platforms before you post on Twitter.”48.

Don maintain a consistent and clean tone on your platform, including when commenting, responding to other users, and posting.49.

Don remember that you”re the one who is responsible for keeping the platform clean and up to date.50.

Don allow users to post and reply to your posts, including using the comments.51.

Don stay in touch with your customers and fans through your social media channels.52.

Don engage with your audience on social platforms, such blogs, and the like, when you can and when you have time.53.

Don build relationships with influencers, celebrities, and other media influencers in order to gain access to your followers and to reach more customers.


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