Mina Ashido, one of India’s leading writers and an influential figure in contemporary art, has been arrested for her role in a rape case and sentenced to 15 years in jail.

She is the first Indian woman to be sentenced to such a term.

Mina, who has written a memoir and was the recipient of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature, will be released from prison on October 30 after serving her time.

Her crime, she says, was a misunderstanding.

Her father had bought her a bicycle for the day she left home for a job in her hometown.

Minya, 39, has written three books since her arrest in April this year.

She has become a folk hero for many of the victims of rape in India, a country where women are subject to sexual violence at the hands of men and a society where gender is seen as an immutable property that is largely inherited.

The rape case against Mina and her father, who is still behind bars, was triggered by a misunderstanding that Mina had stolen the bike from her father in 2013, police said.

Minia’s mother, Suresh, told the Hindustan Times newspaper that her daughter had no recollection of her father raping her.

Minara, who lives in the affluent neighbourhood of Amethi, was also arrested.

Her lawyers had argued that the case against her was a political witch hunt and had been used to target her, especially since she had spoken out against the rape culture in her home town.

Suresh Ashwin, a professor of law at the University of Hyderabad, said Minara would have been convicted had she been given the chance.

“She would have likely been sentenced to prison.

It would have put an end to the campaign of fear and intimidation that Minara has faced since the beginning of her activism,” he said.

Mona has described the rape as a crime of passion and has been campaigning for women to be able to leave home without fear of being sexually assaulted.

In her book, Mina writes of how she was shocked to discover that her father had not raped her, and how she had come to know about the rape only after she had had the bike back.

She wrote that her family was devastated and she went through a lot of pain to find the truth.

Her mother told the Times of Indian that she was in shock.

Minapar, a resident of the village, told news agency AFP that the family would not allow Mina to leave the village without her father.

The court has said that Minapar’s father had no prior criminal record.


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