Kate Miner, a Trump-supporting actress, said Friday that she will file a lawsuit in federal court alleging that the president’s son Donald Trump Jr. committed a felony for allegedly violating federal election laws by accepting more than $25,000 in cash from a Russian lawyer.

Miner, who was previously accused of violating election laws for attending a Trump fundraiser in 2011, said she plans to sue on behalf of her children, who were born in 1990 and 2016.

She said the family would have to defend against any federal charges, but said that the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, had an agenda of promoting Trump and Russia.

Mulcair: Trump Jr.’s guilty plea, his crimes ‘unspeakable’ article NDP Leader Tom Mulcair said Friday he would join the calls for Donald Trump to be pardoned by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau has expressed hope that Trump’s guilty plea will help the Liberals “find some common ground with the Trump administration and its supporters” after their contentious election campaign.

“The whole of the Conservative Party and all of Canada needs to join the call for Donald Trumps release,” Mulcair said.

“He should be released as soon as possible.

This is the most important decision facing the country, it’s the most urgent and the most consequential, and it’s something the Trudeau government must do right now.”

Mulcahy: Trump’s pardoning of Trumps son Donald ‘a crime’ ‘unacceptable’ article Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau called for the pardoning Friday of President Donald Trump Sr., his son Donald Jr., and former national security adviser Michael Flynn, all of whom are accused of conspiring to illegally collect and store sensitive intelligence.

Traditionally, Canadian politicians have been reluctant to support Trump.

However, Trudeau said he is “unable to support the president on the issue of pardons,” because he considers pardons to be a “grave crime.”

The Liberal leader said the country must demand that the U.S. Senate act on President Donald Trumpt’s request to pardon Donald Trump, his son and Flynn, saying “it’s clear the Senate has a role to play in ensuring we have accountability in this country.”

Trudeau also said that he was “saddened” by Trump’s “reckless and despicable” decision to pardon Flynn and Trumplies son, despite his repeated assurances that Flynn and Trump Jr would be brought to justice.

Truman also accused Trump of undermining his administration’s efforts to fight terrorism by pardoning a man who had planned a bombing in London.

Trumplings son, who is facing terrorism charges, has been held without charge since March, and Trudeau said “Canada’s commitment to defending our borders is not going to be compromised.”

Truman said he will ask Trudeau to call Trump’s pardon of Flynn and Flynn’s son a “crime” and urged Trudeau to “take a stand against the Trump presidency’s shameful and unacceptable pardoning.”


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