The two-time Oscar-nominated Kim Kardashian stars on The 100’s season 3 premiere of Angel of Mind, with co-star Shana Miller (The Voice) as his girlfriend, Angel of the Mind.

The show premieres Sept. 21 at 10 p.m.

ET/PT on the CW.

Here’s a look at Kim’s “Angel of Mind” scene: Kim’s role in Angel of mind is part of the story of how she met the show’s other stars, including Shana, who was also cast as his wife.

Kim plays a “prince of love” who tries to convince Angel to move to the Los Angeles area and be his “new girlfriend” to help him navigate the real-estate market.

“I was trying to figure out what he needed to do to get to the city and find the right place,” Kim told the Hollywood Reporter.

“We were going to do a lot of talking.”

Kim said she didn’t want to leave Angel alone and would often ask, “Why is he staying here?”

“Angel has been around the block,” Kim said.

“He’s been in my life for six months.

And I knew that he had to be a part of this show.”

Angel ofmind stars Shana and Angel in a scene from season 3 of Angel.

(Photo: CW)Angel of mind star Shana (Shana Miller) on the set of Angel and Angel.

The two played the “princess of love.”

(Photo by Nicki DeMarco, CW)A look at Shana’s character, Angel.

“You know, when I started playing this character, I had no idea what I was going to be playing,” Shana said.

I just wanted to play the character I’ve always wanted to be.

“Angel, who is played by Angel of Life, is the daughter of a wealthy man and a drug addict.

“The rich and the drug addict, who’s living in the city. “

It’s like two different worlds,” Shava Miller, Shana ‘s character on Angel of Mistake, told EW.

“The rich and the drug addict, who’s living in the city.

“And there’s a great story to be told, and we’re really excited to tell it.””

There are so many great characters in the show,” Shiva added.

“And there’s a great story to be told, and we’re really excited to tell it.”

The show also stars actress and producer Shana Michaels, who plays Angel’s wife, Shona, and also plays Shana.

The couple also have two children, Angel and Daphne, and Angel has a son named David.

Angel of mine star Shanna Miller and Angel ‘s Shana have their first child.

(Image: CW )Shana also plays Angel of Misfitry, which is the title of a scene in season 3.

Shana plays the “bad apple,” a character who tries her best to be Angel, but fails miserably.

“My character is a loser,” Shna said.

She said the show has “one of the most wonderful families” on the show.

“Everybody’s a winner.”

Shana, Angel, Angelof Mistake and Shna have a son, David.

(Credit: CW, CW Image)Angel, who has been on the road a lot lately, is now trying to move in with Shana in Los Angeles.

“Angel’s been around so long, I think he’s starting to get the hang of it,” Shina said.

Shonda Rhimes, who created the show, is also the showrunner.

Angel is the son of a successful real estate developer, and the show focuses on his struggles to find love, get married and support his family.

Shana’s role on the hit CW show The 100 has drawn comparisons to The Sopranos and The Wire.

Shanoa Miller, who played Shana on The Soprano, said she thinks The 100 will be “a lot different.”

“I think we’re going to have a lot more depth to our characters.

We’re going be able to take a lot better care of the characters and take more risks,” Shanna said.

The show’s co-stars, Shania Twain and Emily Kinney, also star in the series.

The 100 is produced by Warner Bros. Television and CW.


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