It’s the end of an era for mining in Australia.

After decades of steady growth and high returns, Australia is headed for its worst mining and coal export crash since the early 1900s.

With the Australian dollar falling sharply against the dollar, investors are losing confidence in the mining sector.

Miners say the collapse of the mining boom will make the transition to a clean energy economy more difficult.

“We’re not going to get there just from a mining boom,” said Kym Latham, president of the Australian Minerals Council, which represents more than 100 mines across the country.

“We’re going to have to be very cautious.”

The decline of the gold rush The boom in mining began in the late 1980s, when the Australian Bureau of Mining and Energy launched the Minerals Resource Development Agency (MRDA).

The MRDA, with the support of the federal and state governments, was charged with creating jobs and economic growth.

But mining companies quickly found that mining was not profitable.

The Australian economy was stagnant for years and Australia’s mining boom was on its last legs.

The industry lost $12 billion in the first two years of the MRDA’s existence.

Its mining revenue declined by almost 60 per cent between 1992 and 2001, according to the MRDC.

It also lost $6 billion to the mining industry in the three years after its demise.

Today, mining is once again a cash cow for the mining and energy sector, but the business has shrunk in importance and profitability.

In the past two years, the MRDA has lost more than $2 billion in revenue, according the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

It has also been the subject of a number of lawsuits, including one in which a group of investors claimed the MRDKA misled them about its mining revenue projections.

When the MR DKA was first established in 2012, it was the largest mining fund in the world.

It had a net assets of $1.4 billion at the end 2014.

By 2020, the fund had fallen into debt.

On Wednesday, the Senate Committee on Industry and the Economy reported a scathing report that laid out a raft of flaws in the MR DA’s accounting practices and the MRDM.

One of the most damning parts of the report was the MRDE’s failure to account for the cost of infrastructure upgrades, the impact of climate change and the impact on mining operations of the recent downturn in commodity prices.

At the same time, the report recommended that the MRDD be replaced by a government-run fund that would have a greater role for the private sector.

The committee also found that the Australian government had no obligation to make payments to the fund.

According to the report, in order to ensure the MRdkA was sustainable, it would have to receive funding from the federal government and the states, while also receiving an additional $1 billion from the Commonwealth.

Senator Nick Xenophon has called for the MR dae be replaced with a new national fund that could provide funding from private and public sources.

While the committee did recommend the MRdae be restructured, the committee also recommended that it be abolished entirely.

Australian coal miner and MRDA chairman Ian Smith told the committee the industry would have been better off with a private fund.

“The fact is that the world has changed, we need to adapt,” Mr Smith said.

“It’s going to be tough, we’re going do everything we can to stay in the game, but we’ve got to make sure that it’s sustainable.”

As for the future, the government is preparing to introduce a $2.2 billion mining tax cut in 2017, which could see a boom in coal mining.

That would come after a $1 trillion tax cut announced by former prime minister Tony Abbott last year.

Mr Abbott said he wanted to boost the coal sector by $200 billion a year over the next four years.

“I’m not going after the big guys like the big coal companies,” Mr Abbott said.

And the industry is taking heart from the recent news that mining companies are being offered a chance to get rid of their debt in a bid to make more money.


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