My son has a heart condition that is affecting his life.

So, my husband decided to go on a vacation.

And when he came back, he asked me to marry him, so I said yes.

But my husband has a problem.

His heart condition is so bad that it affects his life, he cannot speak or write or even do much of anything.

So I decided to leave and give up the chance to get married.

I am very proud of my husband, and I want him to have a happy future.

But what if he is not able to have children?

Or if he can’t find a partner?

Or when he can find someone?

My husband is not just a father, he is also a father to two young daughters.

But his condition is very serious, so he is unable to be in a stable relationship.

So we are not allowed to have any children.

I want to help him become a successful man and a happy father, but I am worried about the cost of his treatment.

I want to pay him as much as possible, and it is just too hard to keep my family afloat, I said.

But the government, which oversees my husband’s treatment, told me that I would not be able to pay the treatment because I have no assets.

I had to file for bankruptcy, so now my husband is stuck with us.

I was shocked to find out that my husband was in such a serious condition, but he is just one of many such cases.

The government has a history of denying treatment to people in dire situations, but it is not unusual for the government to do so when the cost to the government is so great.

When we visited Minhyu’s hospital, the staff told us that there were many cases like mine, and that the government has done nothing about it.

But we were not told about the government’s policy on the treatment of people in such dire circumstances.

Minhyuk said he wanted to be a successful father because he was happy with his job, but the fact that the care he receives is not adequate left him feeling that he is trapped in a cycle of suffering.

He also believes that there is little chance of him ever having children because of the condition.

I have to live with him because I am not able do anything for him, he said.

The treatment we receive is inadequate, and my life is so difficult.

But what can I do?

I want the government and the media to take a stand against such a system, he told Recode.

We do not know where the money for our treatment will come from.

We hope the government will pay for the treatment, but we do not think it will.

I have nothing left for my family.


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