A new genetic test for twins could give you a better idea of your family’s risk for disease, a study suggests.

In fact, scientists say it could even provide a way to prevent a family member from developing a rare disease.

The findings could be a major step toward treating genetic diseases such as Tay-Sachs disease and dwarfism, said study lead author James Linn, a professor of genomics at the University of California, San Diego.

“If we can make this test useful to families, it could help us prevent rare diseases and help us keep our families healthy,” Linn said.

Genetic testing is an effective way to find out if a family is at risk for developing a genetic disease, said Jennifer Houghton, an assistant professor of clinical genetics at the California Institute of Technology.

“This type of test, even with the right conditions, could be used to find genetic risk in the family, and then that information could be useful for family members to make decisions about what to do in the future,” she said.

The new test, called the Polygenome Plus Family Genome Sequencing (PGS-2), uses the human genome to determine which genes are associated with common genetic conditions.

The test is a simple, inexpensive tool that is available in a variety of forms.

It has been widely used in labs around the world, and in several cases, researchers have used the test to predict whether a family could develop Tay-sachs, dwarfism or other conditions that affect genes.

The PGS-1 test, on the other hand, was developed more than 40 years ago by a Canadian team that has used it to help identify genetic conditions in hundreds of people.

Houghtons team studied the genomes of five people, and found that the three people with the highest risk for Tay- sachs had their DNA from their fathers, but not their mothers.

“Our findings suggest that it’s possible to find familial risk of Tay- ssachs in an individual, and that this individual could potentially be the target of genetic testing to determine whether he or she might be at risk,” said Houghtons co-author and UC San Diego graduate student Jana Tisch, who worked on the study.

“The genetic information could then be used for personalized family planning, such as screening for specific conditions and therapies.”

The study was published today (May 10) in the journal Science.

“We’re really excited to see how this technology can help families,” said co-senior author Ramesh Prasad, a UC San Francisco postdoctoral fellow.

“For a family to be healthy, you need to have the right genetics, and you can’t get them from their mother or father.”

Genetic testing has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for people to determine if their genetic information might be useful to a health care provider.

But there’s still a lot to learn about the accuracy of the tests and how they compare with other tests.

The tests used in the new study were a combination of three different methods, said co, who is also a professor at the UC San Antonio.

The first was a standard gene test.

This tests the amount of a gene’s “active” version, or copies of it, within a cell.

A common test for Tay is the HLA-DR1 test.

The second was a test for a gene called rs919, which is a mutation in a gene linked to a genetic disorder called dwarfism.

The third was a combination test that uses a set of other markers to determine genetic risk.

The researchers said the results from their study could help determine which family members could benefit from a genetic test.

“It’s a great tool to find the genetic risk for someone in the first place, and we think that this test can be useful in the treatment of Tay,” Houghsons co-authors said in a statement.

The results from the new analysis may help identify genes and genetic variants that may help predict whether family members will develop Tay or other diseases.

For example, if a person’s parents have Tay, the risk of developing Tay may be higher if they also have a mutation.

The more mutations a person has, the higher the risk, Houghons team found.

“By looking at mutations in a family, it can tell you how likely that person will develop a Tay- Sachs or other condition,” Hougons co said.

“That’s the kind of information that’s going to help us better understand the disease.”

Houghson said the study is a proof-of-principle that genetic testing can be a useful tool to help families.

“When you have genetic information, you can make decisions on whether you want to treat that person with a specific treatment, whether you should have a genetic testing and how that should be done,” she explained.

“And it’s one of the things that makes genetic testing such an


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