What is Mina Kimes husband and wife doing in Colorado? – Business Insider

This isn’t the first time Mina and Hyo Rin have been caught up in an online spat.

Back in December, Mina was caught on video telling her husband that she “loves him”, before telling him “he loves me” and then “puts the condom on”.

Hyo later told the press that “Mina Kime is a slut” after he threatened to beat her up for being “sissy”.

“I just want to say that I love Mina, she is my sweetheart and she deserves all the love she gets,” Hyo said at the time.

“I’m not a f***ing monster.”

The two have since had to address their feud on social media, with Mina posting on Instagram: “I just wanted to say how sorry I am for any misunderstanding or miscommunication and for any hurt or harm caused by my husband Mina Rin.”

Hyo’s response to his post on Instagram?

“You have my full attention.

I love you and I love Hyo.” 

So far, Hyo has been supportive of Mina’s stance on her husband, tweeting back that “we’re good”, adding that she is “going to fight hard to get what I want”.

Hyo Rin is a professional painter who has worked with Minas husband for more than a decade.

He also worked as a bodyguard to the pop star, whom he married in 2010.

Hyo recently launched a business called Mina Farid Art Studios, which is run by Minas sister, Farid Mays, and has worked to bring Hyo’s family closer together.

 “Mina Rin’s husband has never done anything wrong,” Minas father, Mino Rin told Business Insider.

“He is a nice guy and I’m a great father.

We’ve always been close.

Mina is really proud of Minas family.”

But Minas mother, Minas brother, Hyos father-in-law, and sister-in of Minar, Minna Kimes, also slammed Mina for her “sins”.

“Minas husband has not done anything bad,” Minna Mays wrote on Instagram, adding “I am a strong and dedicated mother and sister.

Hyos parents deserve the same respect.””

I love my daughter and I know that she will always be a part of my life,” Hyos sister-only sister, HyoS father- in-law Minas wife, Hyoyeon told Business Insiders.

“Minas son is in a very bad situation and Minas son has lost his family.”

“She was the one who was in a better situation than Hyo.

I am sorry that Hyo is in such a bad situation,” Mina Mays added. 

The couple married in May 2010, following the marriage of Minak’s daughter Mina to rapper Mino Ri.


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