The leaked Panama papers revealed the secrets of how rich people hid money from their tax authorities and the world’s super-rich.

They revealed how companies like Apple and Google, which have deep pockets, hide their wealth by investing it offshore.

The leaked papers revealed that there is a global elite, including the super-wealthy, who avoid taxes on the money they own.

They also revealed that the super rich can avoid taxes by avoiding the taxman.

But the leaked documents showed there is an elite that hides money from the world, and there is no place to hide it.

It’s not just the rich, but the powerful and powerful families who hide their money, the leaked papers show.

One of the papers, leaked to The Australian Financial review, showed the secretive super-major companies like Google and Apple, which can make millions from their businesses, pay little or no taxes on profits they make.

The super-billionaires in the documents were able to hide the wealth of their super-colonies offshore, and evade taxation by using the so-called “black” money of the super elite.

The leak of the Panama papers was a huge scandal that shook the world.

The documents showed how the world is not taxed, but super-majors can dodge tax by investing their money in a number of companies and trusts.

One document showed Apple paid $2 billion to avoid taxes in Bermuda, where the company is based.

The company also paid a whopping $7.7 billion in taxes in Switzerland, where Apple is based, and paid a staggering $5.4 billion in tax in Ireland, where it is based for the past two years.

The Australian report revealed that some of the companies that paid the most taxes were not super-super-major.

The richest super-millionaires, the super super-giant Apple and Apple’s founder, Tim Cook, paid little or nothing in taxes to the Australian government in recent years.

But some of their companies paid billions of dollars in tax.

Apple, Google and Google’s chairman and CEO, Eric Schmidt, received a $20 billion tax break last year.

The other big companies are Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon.

They have been granted tax breaks for years by the Australian Taxation Office.

In 2014, they received an extra $1.5 billion tax rebate for the year.

Other major corporations also received tax breaks, including McDonald’s, Starbucks and Microsoft.

The revelations are part of the leak, which was made public through a leaked database of confidential documents and other information, the leak said.

The leaks included names, addresses, dates of birth, tax records and financial information of more than 60,000 Australians.

The papers show that the wealthiest super-megabanks, including Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft, are the main beneficiaries of the tax breaks granted by the tax office.

They can use the money to buy shares in super-mega-companies that have huge cash piles.

It is unclear how much of Apple’s $2.4 trillion in tax is being used for the tax break.

The information about how Apple is avoiding tax is contained in an Excel spreadsheet titled “Tax on Apple”.

It lists “Taxation, GST and Capital Gains on the Apple Stock, including dividends and capital gains, as a Category One interest”, which is taxed at 15 per cent, with “Capital Gains tax of 0 per cent” added.

The Apple corporate tax code was designed to benefit large companies, not individuals, the report said.

“These include Google, Apple and Amazon, which are also highly leveraged companies with cash flows exceeding billions of US dollars per annum,” the leaked files show.

“As a result, they are likely to be the beneficiaries of a tax relief program.

Apple also provides a significant financial subsidy to its corporate tax rate.

It has earned billions of taxpayer dollars in profits since 1999 and paid almost $1 billion in corporation tax in 2014.”

Apple’s tax rate of 13 per cent is significantly below the national average and in line with that of Google and Amazon,” the report added.

Google paid $1,988,890 in tax to the tax authorities in Australia in 2014 and paid $7 million in income tax, it said.

Amazon paid $4,724,766 in tax, while Apple paid just $3,732,959 in tax and paid no income tax.

The details of how Apple pays tax is in a spreadsheet titled Tax on Apple.

The spreadsheet includes the “Capital Gain” of Apple, the “Gross Income Tax Credit” of $500,000 and “Capital Loss Tax Credit of $50,000”.

Apple said in a statement to The New York Times that the information was “misleading and inaccurate”.

It said it was “not aware of” any tax breaks that were not available for Apple’s tax purposes.

Apple’s business model is built on creating innovative products,


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