The most popular Minecraft-themed video game on YouTube, Minecraft has spawned a cult following since its release last year.

The game has been downloaded over 2.8 million times in the past year, and the developers have launched a Minecraft-inspired game jam, which has seen tens of thousands of entries.

But what’s mine craft really all about?

How does Minecraft use the technology of Minecraft?

And what’s in it for the makers of the game?

The BBC’s Zoe Williams answers these questions and more.


Minecraft is about making things.

There’s an argument to be made that Minecraft is an interactive art form.

But how exactly does that translate into an interactive technology?

Minecraft creator Markus Persson says the game is “all about making Minecraft”.

The game lets players create Minecraft blocks, which can then be used in the world around them.

“You build things and they disappear, or you pick them up and throw them in other places,” he said.

“Then you can use those to build things, and then you can build things with other people and build stuff with other blocks.”

The game is a lot like traditional board games, which use a grid of squares and dotted lines to organise and organise the elements.

That’s because, in a game like Minecraft, players have to organise blocks into piles.

The grid of blocks in Minecraft is called a grid.

Each block can be placed on the grid.

The more blocks you have on the screen, the more powerful the game.

The developers have even said that if the player hits a block, that’s a “mine” or a “sponge”.

“If you have a few blocks, the player will mine a little bit more of it, and if the blocks are not placed on a grid, they will not be mined,” Persson said.

Minecraft lets you build a Minecraft house by picking up blocks.

It lets you mine blocks by placing them on the Minecraft map.

“So you can get into a house by placing one block on top of another block,” Perssson said, “or by putting two blocks on top each other, or by placing a block on a stack.”

The more Minecraft blocks you place on the map, the stronger your house becomes.

“The more blocks, you get to build, the better the house will become.”

Minecraft is a game of blocks, and each block has properties, like how much energy you can release from it, how many enemies it can kill and how many blocks you can place on it.

The Minecraft world is an open-world.

In Minecraft, you can make up your own house and you can walk around it, as well as interact with other players in Minecraft.

But the game doesn’t stop there.

You can build a mine.

In the game, you build minecraft structures, like a house, minecart and furnace.

But you can also use Minecraft blocks to make structures out of other blocks.

The player can make blocks into buildings by placing an empty space on top or below an existing block.

The space can then form a structure.

“In the game it is a building that can be a minecart, and it will create a mine cart,” Perssess said.

But there are other ways to create a building.

You could make a house out of a minecraft wall.

Or you could build a house from a minecon and minecarts.

You might even create a tower out of blocks.

“If I’m going to make a tower, I might just make the whole thing out of these blocks,” Perssey said.

It’s not just blocks that can make structures.

You also can use the blocks in your house to build blocks for other things, like fences, walls and roofs.

“It’s just a simple way to build structures,” Persess said.

You may also build a wall from a block that has been used in building.

That can be for protection, or to help your house stand out from other buildings.

And if you build an igloo, you could use the igloo to house a mine, so that you can watch the Minecraft world as it’s built.

“I think Minecraft is really about a lot of things, it’s about being able to interact with the world, to build something out of the world,” Persss said, adding: “It really has a lot to do with technology.”


Minecraft uses Minecraft technology to make objects more interactive.

Minecraft’s creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, right, has said that the game uses Minecraft blocks and other blocks in a way that “means that you don’t have to wait for the Minecraft engine to create blocks”.

He says that Minecraft lets players build things by placing blocks.

Minecraft blocks can be used as building blocks in the game “so that you get into building a house.”

You could use blocks to build a castle out of them, or a house.

Or an igloos out of Minecraft blocks.

If you build the house


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