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When ‘Biggest Loser’ contestant’s father was an ‘indispensable man’ he helped make his life, says family member

When the Biggest Losers contestant’s dad was a “indispensible man” who “didn’t need to work a day in his life,” the family’s life would be different.

The dad’s story, told in a new book, The Biggest Losing Dad, tells the story of how his dad made his living while working in a coal mine, earning him enough money to buy his own house and to start his own business.

It’s a story that’s familiar to people who work in mines or coal mines, as well as to people in the mining industry who’ve had to deal with the consequences of mining accidents, including mine deaths.

But it’s not just a story about the miners.

It is also a story of the many men and women who have made the mine their life.

In a story from a former mine owner who has been in the coal business for nearly 40 years, the family business has changed its name to Little Miner Taco and is now the “Biggest Lending Club” to the tune of $1 billion in annual revenue.

The family, which has been operating in the mines since 1984, started with one employee.

That employee, who now is retired, helped him and his wife run the business.

But as the family grew, the company expanded, eventually becoming the “Coal Miners Club,” with an annual revenue of $5.2 billion.

“It was not a big company.

It wasn’t the big one,” the man told NBC News.

“I was just a little guy that had a passion for mining.”

And the family had to do it all while keeping the business going.

“My dad didn’t work in the mine.

He was the biggest man on the planet,” said the man, who declined to give his name.

“And we were going to do all the work and take care of the children.”

It’s been a long journey for the family, including moving from a small town in the United States to a bigger one in Arizona.

They worked hard, but the mine was closing and there was nothing to do.

“We didn’t know what we were doing,” the father said.

“Our kids didn’t want to go out in the cold.

We didn’t have much money.

I was working 16-hour days, nine days a week.

And that was just what we had.”

The family struggled.

The mines were closing.

They were working all night.

And as the mines closed, their lives turned upside down.

“At the time, it was really hard,” the dad said.

And then things changed.

The mine closed and the mine owners began taking their business elsewhere.

“As the mine closed, we decided we were ready to sell our business.

And we did,” the son said.

The father took his business and sold his shares to a third party.

“When we did that, we were able to sell the company and get our assets,” the boy said.

But the family is still trying to move forward.

The son still has his dad’s business, and his father’s business is doing just fine, and the father has no plans to close the mines anytime soon.

“There’s always going to be some people who are going to keep working,” the young man said.

“[The mine owners] had to take a different path, but I think it’s a good thing they did.”

A new book on the miners The Bigger Picture: The Mining Industry, the Coal Miners and the Changing Lives of the People Who Work Inside mines is set to be released next month, and it’s the latest book to focus on the story behind the mines and the people who run them.

But one part of the book that is not covered is the father.

“If you look at the people that were involved in the business, they were the same people as today,” the younger brother said.

His father had to put his family through college, and he was working for a mine, too.

“But it wasn’t his only business.

He owned a small business, too, and a business that went to the Smithsonian,” the brother said, referring to the American Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. “He worked for a mining company, too.”

But even though he worked in mines for the mines, the father was never the boss.

“In my family, if you did anything wrong, the dad was always there,” the older brother said with a laugh.

“Like, if he said something, he was the guy to talk to.”

“But the mine, the mines had their own rules,” the elder brother said in reference to the mine’s management.

“You have to pay the miners, but it’s just a different system.

It doesn’t make sense.”

So the younger sibling and the younger father began working on their own.


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