MineTV, the China-based streaming video service that’s had trouble keeping up with demand, is going offline.

The company says it will temporarily shut down for a few hours to make room for new servers and maintenance, which are planned for tomorrow.

The Chinese Internet Corporation said in a statement that “due to the large number of users, we decided to temporarily shutdown the website for maintenance and maintenance purposes.”

The statement did not specify when the site might reopen.

The company’s statement didn’t clarify why it would be shutting down.

I’ve been tracking the status of minetv’s operation for weeks, and the company has been struggling to keep up with traffic and demand for its content.

In April, it announced it was shutting down, but it’s been quietly rolling out a new version of its service.

In its statement, minetv said it’s now working to make sure it can continue to operate after the shutdown, which it expects will take place “soon.”

MineTV says the shutdown will be temporary.

It says it’s still in the process of finalizing a deal with a new provider, and it’s working on an extension to the service.

The new service is still a bit on the pricey side.

It’s $8.99 per month for a video-on-demand subscription, with $5.99 for a monthly movie-on, book-on or audiobook subscription.

It has no in-app purchases, so you need to buy those in-game items to use the service and you can’t download or stream any content.

MineTV is also trying to build its online presence in China.

Its first foray into China was to launch a mobile app called Go, which allows users to check the weather, shop for groceries and buy products.

A month later, the company launched a desktop version of the app.

The shutdown will also be interesting for other media companies.

I’d been following MineTV’s progress for months, and its troubles have continued to escalate as it tries to expand its audience.

Earlier this month, MineTV said it was in talks to acquire media company Yomiuri Broadcasting.

It also said it had plans to buy another media company, MediaX, which owns the popular popular online magazine Popcorn Time.

In December, Minetv announced plans to acquire the popular Japanese online newspaper Nikkei, which was valued at around $3 billion.

Minetv is currently under the watch of the China Communications Bureau, which has been trying to rein in the service for years.

In January, the bureau said it would stop allowing certain websites to serve up content and stop blocking content on certain platforms.

A few weeks later, it said it could end some of the bureau’s restrictions on websites and mobile applications.

But in March, the regulator announced it would allow websites like minetv to continue to serve content and provide access to new features.

The bureau said the move would help in the country’s fight against Internet piracy and online fraud.

Mine TV says it has been working to keep online traffic low, and says it is still able to operate on a budget and service users.


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