The Denison mines in northern Queensland closed for maintenance in the middle of the night on Sunday, as they battled to stay operational despite being declared “under the gun” by the Queensland Government.

The mines, in the Queensland Goldfields, were one of three Denison facilities that were declared “in the gun barrel” by Queensland Government officials following a court injunction that banned them from operating.

The closures of the Denison mine, the largest in the world, had prompted a massive exodus of miners, with the Queensland Mining and Energy Commission declaring the operation “operational” and requiring miners to vacate their homes within 72 hours.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has promised to “clean up” the Denisons after they closed for “several weeks”, and told reporters on Monday that “we will be working with the mining industry and the community to find a solution”.

“The mining industry will be a major part of that solution and we have no doubt that we will be able to find that solution,” she said.

Ms Palasza said Denison would be “clean” and “clean again” within two months.

Queenland’s mining industry is one of the state’s fastest-growing, with more than 400,000 people employed in the industry.

Queening residents and businesses have taken to social media to express their shock at the closure, with many expressing their anger and sadness at the “foolish” decision by the Government.

Many people on social media have asked how the mines are “going to work” when the Denys are closed.

In an email to the ABC, Denison Mining CEO David Hodge wrote: “We have not lost money and will continue to operate in our facilities until all mines are closed in Queensland.”

Mr Hodge also thanked his employees for their “support and dedication” and said the Denies “have been an important part of our business and our communities for many years”.

Mr Hickey said the company was “very grateful” for the Queensland government’s support, and said “we have no plans to take this situation any further”.

“As soon as the Denial mines are safe, we will resume normal operations,” Mr Hickey wrote.

“Our operations will be conducted in accordance with the safety standards and best interests of the miners, customers and Queenslanders.”

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