“When it comes to the Pokemon anime, there’s a lot of speculation about who will be the protagonist,” said a poster on Tumblr.

“Some think it’ll be Ashido, others think she’ll be Mina.”

Others have a much more nuanced opinion, with some theorizing Mina is a girl named Ashido or something.

But the only official confirmation of the Pokemon character’s gender has been in the anime, which is why the idea of a female character in the series has gained traction.

“In the anime series, Mina’s personality and powers are different than the manga,” said one poster on the site.

“There’s also a lot more focus on the manga’s plot and characterization.

So I’m not sure if Mina will be Ashidos female counterpart or a totally different character entirely.”

That could all change in the upcoming anime.

On August 1st, Pokemon fans will be able to stream the first episode of the anime on Crunchyroll.

The stream will begin at 10am Pacific Time, but Crunchystream also lets fans stream episodes on other platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus.

In the anime’s first season, Minah, the protagonist, was the first character to be shown in the English dub, and she is a female.

But she has been the subject of speculation that she is not the same person from the manga.

“I am a girl, but I’m a girl that has been trained by a guy,” Minah says in the Japanese dub.

“That’s what people say, but it’s not true.”

When asked if Minah was a new character in any way, an Anime Lab representative said, “No, Minas is not a new Pokemon character.

It was established that Minah is a male.”

In the dub, she has a very masculine appearance.

However, the character design for the anime does not appear to be based on the original Japanese manga.

The Pokemon anime is the latest anime project to receive critical acclaim.

In April, the series received a huge boost when the US-based Pokemon Fan Club nominated it for the 2013 Audience Award at the 25th Annual Anime Awards.

The anime was released on February 21, 2016, and it has a total of five seasons to date.


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