A young girl in Malaysia is among a growing number of girls who are using virtual assistants to keep track of their Instagram feeds and other online activity.

Min Kyung Hoon is a young girl who loves her Instagram.

“It’s a social media account,” she told Al Jazeera.

“We don’t have the freedom to be ourselves and make our own pictures, but I’m really happy with the things that I can post and how I use it.”

Min Kyong Hoon, pictured here with her grandmother, said she is a fan of Instagram because she likes to keep up with her social media activities, including her family.

She uses a virtual assistant, MiniHoon, to track her family and other things online.

MinKyong Honton, left, and her mother, Min Kyung Hoon, right, use the app MiniHooman to track their social media and other activities.

Min Kyong Hoon says she uses MiniHooan to keep her family in the loop about their lives.

She likes to look up her Instagram photos, track the locations of her family members and friends, and see when they are online.

“My favourite thing is when I can watch my grandma do her job.

It’s a great way to keep me informed about things,” she said.

MinKyong Hoons family lives in a small rural town in southern Malaysia, and she and her parents are keen to use the internet to get a sense of where their families live.

“We used to live in a remote village in a valley, so there were only a few people that were connected to the internet,” she recalled.

“Now, there are many other people that we know are connected to internet, so I am always connected to my internet.

It is a great opportunity for us to connect with our family.”

MinKyung Hontons family in Malaysia.

“When I see my family members, I feel closer to them,” she added.

Min, who is now 16, is the eldest of two children and the youngest of three.

Her younger brother, Min Kyung Hoons, is now in high school.

“I feel that the more connected I get to my family, the better my life will be,” she explained.

Min Kyo Hoons mother, Chana, is also keen to stay connected to her family, and is excited about the potential of the app.

“I’m going to try it for myself,” she joked.

“As a family, we’re all in it together.”

Min Kyongs family has used MiniHOOAN to track its whereabouts.

Chana Hoons youngest son, Chum, is on Instagram.

She is using the app to keep tabs on the activities of her younger siblings.

“She is really good at it,” Min Kyoo Hoons said.

“This is the best thing for me to do.

I have a lot of friends who are on Instagram.”

The family has also used the app as a way to monitor its social media activity.

“If I see something bad happening on the internet, it is good to know,” MinKyongs younger brother Chum Hoons added.

“Sometimes, you might get mad and upset, but when you see how happy people are, you feel better.”

Min Hoons parents, MinKyoo and Chana in Malaysia and Malaysia.

MinKyung and Chantay, MinYong and Chae, MinKung and Kyung, MinHoon and Kyun, MinHo and Min, Kyung and Hoon.

MinHoons parents have also used MiniHEoAN to monitor her social and online activities.

“Instagram is a really good social network for us,” she admitted.

“There are so many people in the world who are doing the same thing.”

The MinKies family is not alone.

In the past few months, Min Min, a young woman from the small town of Thaik Mohd, has started using MiniHEooan in a bid to keep in touch with her family on Instagram and Twitter.

Min Min is the youngest girl in the family and uses MiniHEao to keep a track of her social life.

“Instagram was really good for us growing up,” she revealed.

“Because we were constantly connected, we were always in touch.

It made us happy.

I am so happy that I use the tool.”


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