When I asked about mine, the owner responded, “You’d be surprised.

We don’t have any haunted mines anymore.”

It’s not clear if mine owners are taking the term lightly.

A recent study in the journal American Journal of Forensic Science showed that people are more likely to report their homes having been haunted by spirits in ghostly settings.

One of the most common hauntings is of a woman whose home was a haunted mine in the 1930s and 1940s.

She died there, but her remains are still nearby.

The author of that study, Dr. Susan M. Kucharski, believes that ghosts could be a symptom of the same condition that she described.

She believes that the ghost of a former mine worker could be responsible.

“She might be haunted by that ghost and I think it might be the ghost that haunts the mine,” Dr. Kuczarski said.

“The mine is like a living organism.”

Another possibility, said Dr. Peter J. M. Soderberg, a forensic scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, is that the haunting might be due to a drug overdose or medical condition.

“When people go in for an overdose, the heart rate drops, their breathing becomes labored and they can’t feel their limbs or hands,” Dr, Soderbogen said.

A final explanation, Dr Soderbol added, is the presence of a person in the house.

“People are more inclined to say that they have seen or heard the person in a house, than they are to say they have actually seen the person,” he said.

The number of ghosts and haunted mines is relatively small, but there are enough that the National Park Service is trying to keep tabs on the issue.

“I’m not sure we can say with certainty how many people are haunted,” said David D. O’Keefe, the Park Service’s chief investigator for haunted mines.

“But I think we do know that they’re out there.”

There are currently no statistics on the number of people who have been killed in a mine-related death, but the Park Services estimate that there are about 1,500 deaths each year.

In a 2010 article in the Pennsylvania Daily News, a woman described in detail her encounter with a ghost in her mine.

She said that a ghost had entered her home while she was working.

She was startled, but when she came out, the ghost was gone.

She has no memory of the encounter.

“This was a horrible experience.

It happened so fast.

I don’t remember,” the woman said.


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