Mining company Nampoong Min has been at the forefront of Myanmar’s economy, which has struggled with a severe drought since 2008.

The company has made billions of dollars from mining coal, gold and other minerals in the country.

However, the company is facing criticism for its environmental impacts.

The government has made efforts to combat mining and the environment, but environmentalists have criticised Nampos efforts as being insufficient.

The mining company is also facing criticism because of the death of a mining worker in 2012, which led to a global debate on the environmental impact of mining.

Nampon is also embroiled in a legal dispute with a coal company.

The Myanmar government has said it will allow Nampominer to continue operating in the disputed area.

Namgoongs chief executive officer Ngo Soe Oo said that Nampons environmental impacts are to be evaluated at the time of a project.

“There is no specific project that is being evaluated,” he told Al Jazeera.

“But we are looking into our operations.

The environmental impacts of mining is a problem in the world, and we are facing the same problem.

So we are working to address it.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Mines told Al-Jazeera that Namdoong is not in breach of environmental regulations.

“The ministry of mines and mining has no knowledge of any violations or violations of environmental laws by Nampotmin, and the mine has not received any notification from the ministry of Mines regarding the mine’s environmental impact,” said the spokesman.

The mine is one of the most polluting in Myanmar.

The Nampok mine is located in the northern state of Kachin.

The area has been affected by landslides and flooding in recent years.

The mines is estimated to be the fourth largest in the kingdom, behind the Yangon-Mongol areas of Myanmar and the Yangtze river delta.

The ministry of miners has also been investigating complaints about the company’s environmental activities.

Nnamgoong Min is the only company in Myanmar to be listed on the World Bank’s list of least-developed countries.

According to the World Economic Forum, the country has the worst levels of inequality and poverty in the region, and is ranked number eight for its climate change.

The country has a high proportion of people living in poverty.

Al Jazeera’s Chris Gardner, reporting from Nampong Min, said the mining industry is a major source of income for the country’s economy.

“It is the largest and most important industry in the history of Myanmar,” he said.

“Its also a major contributor to the pollution of the environment and the human health impact on the environment.”

Al Jazeera is not identifying the mining company to protect the identity of the person interviewed.


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