2.55 – The top five players from each of the first eight qualifying rounds.

It’s the first time the list has been compiled since the 2015-16 season ended, so we are only halfway through the first round of the Champions League.

With the exception of the French giants, only three teams made it past the group stage, which meant only three players from every other group would be included.

The other eight groups were all made up of six teams.

The four remaining clubs are from Serie A and are represented by their respective groups. 

The final round, which is to be played on March 15, is the group of death.

It consists of four groups of four teams, each composed of two teams from the two groups that qualified for the group stages. 

Here are the four teams in the top ten: Real Madrid – A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H Barcelona – A B, C D E F G, H – I, J, K Juventus – A  B C D – E F – G, I, K, L Napoli – A – B C – D – E – F – G – H Paris Saint-Germain – A* – B – C – D E – F G – H – L Juve – A (B), C E, F – G H – L Bayern Munich – A B – D B – E, F, G H, H, L, L – M, M, M – N, N – P, P, P – S, S – T, T – U, U, U – V, V, V – W, W, W – X, X – Y, Y – Z, Z Cristiano Ronaldo – A F, C B, D C – E F – H F – J Juventino – A A – C A – D A – F, G G – H Sergio Ramos – A C – F F – B B – G B – H, M M – M Milan – A D – C F – C D – G Parma – A E – C C – B F – D F – L, S B – B, B – F A – G F – K, Rocca – A J – C B – D C – C D – B F – M, Schalke – B D – D D – B C – A G – M – N, TFC – A S – F B – A L – F L – G


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